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There are some dreams that are always haunted eyes until they realize it will not be a dream of mine recently Pakistan and pretty ugly in the past, especially bahawalnagar the city, which was the form of personal website and future of Coin world Coin tell my bahawalnagar was so beautiful in the open streets, roads, clean and bright, clean and fresh water, drainage for drainage of advanced management, extensive playing fields, one for education more than an institution, health centers, green grass lit by peasant community where grain was supplied to markets throughout the continent, A modern railway system that might be able to come back in the next hundred years of existence, a large grain market and the broad market where millions of business was from morning to evening with utmost honesty and rehash or counterfeit goods for businesses many educational institutions and broad opportunities to move forward, but look what happened then ate my bahawalnagar misguided population grew Streets and roads were narrow for the sale was not considered above all students the playground will vanish and peasant crops on barren lands were spewing gold bean and salinisation have buried their claws, Blending and took over the business to sell counterfeit goods , nobility became extinct and was starting dancing naked aggression , has taken God and religion, money and money became believers , Chile is the highest bldngyn if gyyn but became their living span .

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